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If you find yourself in a legal bind over a pending divorce, The Law Office of Doug Dern has an experienced divorce attorney in Waterford, MI. Divorce can be a major ordeal in anyone's life and can be devastating. It is a painful time for all parties involved. If there are children involved, it is that much more difficult. I practice family law in Michigan and will be there to hold your hand throughout the entire process.

I am a divorce attorney dedicated to representing Michigan residents in a variety of areas in the family law arena. My goal is to protect your rights and aggressively advocate your position in any family law matter that you encounter. I have built this firm with the belief that my clients come first.

Family law is that which involves issues arising out of family matters, such as divorce, adoption, property division, child support, and child custody. The family law field is fairly broad and envelops a number of matters that may arise. I will focus on family related legal matters and will help you with virtually everything that does arise in this context.

Divorce is probably the single most popular family service rendered by family law attorneys. Divorces are proceedings that seek to undo the legal bond created by a marriage between a couple. To simplify this concept, you can think of a marriage as a contract between two individuals. Two parties get married and combine many aspects of their lives. A divorce can then be thought of as an unwinding of that contract. Give me a call if you are contemplating divorce and need an attorney consultation.

I offer free consultations and will go over what is involved with a divorce proceeding when we discuss your options.

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